Team 1339

We are from East High School, a diverse inner-city public high school in Denver, Colorado. East's competitive robotics team, East Angelbotics, has competed since 2003 in national and international robotics competitions.

Our team consists of 50+ members. We are comprised of 8 individual subteams: Business, Drive & Strategy, Electrical, Manufacturing, Mechanical & Design, Presence, Programming, and 3D Printing. Many of our team members are involved in several subteams. Each subteam focuses on different goals that when all brought together, allow us to be successful and unique.

Business is responsible for the team logistics regarding competition registration, travel, fundraising, and paperwork associated with keeping our team compliant.

Drive/Strategy is responsible for developing a strategy and then driving and operating the robot during competition, and providing scouts to analyze other team's strategies at competition.

Electrical is responsible for the wiring and pneumatics which allow our robot to drive and function.

Manufacturing is responsible for producing all of the parts that make up our robot by using our wood shop and other machining tools.

Mechanical/Design is responsible for the design and construction of our robot including basic strategy and CAD.

Presence is responsible for our team's image, including our yearly theme, t-shirts, pit design and online presence.

Programming is responsible for writing code to access electronics and enable our robot to be driven and operated.

3D Printing is responsible for turning our CAD designs into physical parts which are used throughout our robot.

Team Culture

The culture surrounding East Robotics is diverse and unique. As each season progresses, our team slowly becomes a tight-knit group of friends, despite their vastly different backgrounds. Teamwork is a major goal of our community and we encourage students to learn together and teach each other.

Whether it’s naming batteries “Sherlock Ohms” and “John Wattson” or consistently sending the less experienced members to find pneumatic fluid, the team members become fast friends. Even though we bond through robotics, our friendships extend outside of the club, and continue for the rest of our lifetime.

Our theming is a big part of our culture. Every year we challenge ourselves to have a new theme, and try to win the award for the best team image. For this challenge, we balance cost with awesome, as the cost new posters and costumes every year adds up. Through this challenge, we become closer as a group throughout our season.