2016 Season

The 2016 FRC season was one of our team’s most successful years. The 2016 game “Stronghold” challenged our team’s mechanical and electrical capabilities. Our team dealt with multiple mechanical design constraints, such as changing designs two weeks before Bag & Tag. At the beginning of the build season, our design featured tank treads, but once it was built we realized it would not be effective, so we switched to a pneumatic wheel design with our own homemade suspension system.

2016 Off-Season

In the second half of the offseason, our entire team worked on a robot that would more closely mimic a robot for FRC, our primary competition. In order to do this, our veterans and new team members worked together to create a robot that could compete in a challenge that we created. Collaborating with a nearby team, FRC 2240, we created a game based off of Capture the Flag. We planned a competition against each other at the end of our six week build season. We created a robot with a CNC belly pan with a waffle-like pattern and a four bar linkage arm attached with a roller claw for grabbing the flag. We affectionately referred to this robot as WaffleBot.

2015 Season

This year the FRC game was “Recycle Rush.” Our drive train used mecanum wheels, all of which were individually powered, while our superstructure used a pulley driven with a bicycle disk brake. Additionally, our electrical board was made of carbon fiber and our programmers applied the use of PID for the first time. Our robot also featured two pneumatic “arms” used for grabbing trash cans at the beginning of a match. These “arms” were once used in a match in a sort of tug of war with another robot which resulted in us claiming the trash cans, and the other robot losing their own “arms”.